Food & Drink

For over 25 years, the highly skilled chefs in our Thai Kitchen have been wowing guests with authentic regional dishes. From the soft and mild "Pad Siew" noodles to the hot and spicy "Kaeng Par" curry, you'll find outstanding dishes to suit all tastes.

These family recipes, handed down through generations, are served in our wonderful butterfly-themed conservatory - a million miles away from the London rush. Come and meet Gerry, Powe, Tai and Pu and discover the tantalising tastes of Thailand.

To make a reservation in our famous Thai restaurant please call 0207 7921246

On Tap

  1. London Pride

    The UK’s leading premium ale, London Pride is known and loved for its well balanced, distinctive flavour.

  2. Oliver's Island

    A glorious gold colour, Oliver’s Island sets off with delicate floral and citrus aromas from those hard-working hops.

  3. ESB


    With three CAMRA Beer of the Year awards, two World Champion Beer awards, and numerous others, ESB truly is the Champion Ale.

  4. Spring Sprinter

    A light zesty ale with subtle gooseberry flavours, perfectly balanced with biscuity sweetness.

  5. Honey Dew

    Served chilled, Honey Dew refreshes as well as any lager, but with a depth of flavour that you just can't find anywhere else.

These beers have been delivered to us, so will be available now or very soon. Due to the care and time required to achieve their optimum flavour, we can't guarantee all of these beers will be available when you visit. Please call in advance before making a special journey.{hotelid}?check_in_date={check_in_date}&check_out_date={check_out_date}